Thatchtec becomes Soilwise®

As of today, the Wageningen-based company Thatchtec is called Soilwise. This new name fits well with the road that Soilwise took two years ago, focusing on innovative biobased products that improve the health and biodiversity of soils. Soilwise offers unique solutions, such as Soil Resetting (for natural soil disinfestation and enrichment of soil life) and environmentally friendly control of algae and moss in international agriculture and horticulture, and Roots Reset for control of the invasive Japanese knotweed.

International Rollout of Soil Resetting
Investments from Future Food Fund and Brightlands Venture Partners in 2020, and earlier by private accelerator BOX, have enabled the international rollout and development of new products for Soilwise, says CEO Ard Reijtenbagh. “This has helped us to make significant strides internationally and achieve several milestones in our product development. We have successfully applied our biological soil disinfestation method, Soil Resetting, in horticulture in Northwest Europe and now we have rolled it out on a large scale in Southern Europe and introduced it to the East African floriculture industry.” Soil Resetting has also proven to be very effective in Southeast Asia, combating the ‘Panama disease’ (Fusarium) that completely destroys banana plantations. Soilwise will start rolling out Soil Resetting there this year.

Unique solution for the control of Japanese knotweed
In addition, Soilwise has introduced the Roots Reset method for the complete control of the highly invasive Japanese knotweed. With this unique solution, Japanese knotweed has already been successfully eradicated at more than one hundred locations in Northwest Europe. Ard Reijtenbagh: “This year too, there is a lot going on at Soilwise. For example, we are coming up with a new biostimulant that will strengthen the root system and the resilience of a wide range of vegetable, floricultural and arable crops. In this way we continue to invest in sustainable solutions for soil health and soil biodiversity, because we want to continue to lead the way for our customers in agriculture, horticulture and public green spaces. Our new name fits this ambition perfectly.”
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