The healthy and sustainable alternative to soil steaming

The health of your soil is crucial to the productivity of your crop. It is therefore important to keep your soil as healthy as possible and restore it when problems arise. Biological soil fumigation through Soil Resetting is a technique used to restore soil health and increase productivity. In this article, we explain what biological soil decontamination is and how Soil Resetting can benefit your soil health and productivity.

What is Soil Resetting?
Biological soil decontamination through Soil Resetting is an effective and environmentally friendly method of decontaminating your soil. The added value of this approach is twofold. By enriching the soil with our unique plant-based Herbie mix and then covering it with oxygen, a biological process is initiated that eliminates all kinds of soil diseases and pests, such as fungi, nematodes, bacteria, insect larvae and various weeds. At the same time, Soil Resetting stimulates the growth of beneficial micro-organisms. This is an excellent basis for a return to healthy soil life and thus better crop growth and higher yields.

What are the benefits of Soil Resetting?
Patented Soil Resetting is a superior alternative to steaming, chemical soil disinfection and other traditional disinfection methods that actually harm soil health. This method has been proven effective for over a decade for growers of vegetables, fruits, flowers, (fruit) nursery crops and high-value agricultural crops.

There are several benefits of applying Soil Resetting:

Ending soil diseases and pests as well as improving soil health - Soil Resetting improves soil health and eliminates pathogens and diseases.

Increased yields - Soil Resetting improves the soil and allows plant roots to grow and absorb nutrients better. This can result in improved crop quality and resilience.

Environmentally friendly - There is no use of harmful chemicals or intensive use of energy, as with soil steaming.

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