CROW and Sieboldius present: Danger Asian knotweed requires professional approach

As in the UK, problems with Japanese knotweed and other invasive exotic species are growing in the Netherlands. This poses a threat to our green spaces and can lead to halted construction projects and liability for municipalities. It is therefore vital that managers and administrators become aware of the extent of the problem and take professional measures.

Soilwise, as a knowledge partner of Sieboldius, is working with various parties to better address the problem and pool knowledge. At an interactive meeting, various speakers from the municipality, contractors and science will talk about the urgency of the problem, possible measures and the need for an integrated professional approach.

The afternoon will be kicked off online by a speaker from the UK who will talk about their practical experiences and research on Japanese knotweed. Jaike Bijleveld and Stephen Bos of the municipality of Amsterdam will show how they stay in control with an integral approach by collecting good data and monitoring problem locations and using a tool to use the limited budget as effectively as possible. Jacques Teunissen of CROW talks about a national protocol to prevent spreading and deal with the control and removal of invasive exotics.

Contractor Peter van de Haar and Chris van Dijk of Wageningen University discuss the diversity of possible measures. Customisation is necessary per location and there are differences between urban and rural areas. The best approach per m² will be discussed.

Soilwise and Sieboldius are contributing to this meeting to raise awareness and emphasise the importance of an integrated approach. We look forward to welcoming you on 11 April at the Knowledge Meeting: Asian thousand knots in Ede. For more information, see the meeting page on the CROW website.

13.00 General opening of the meeting by CROW
13.05 Introduction and inventory of problem areas
13.15 Japanese knotweed and the UK housing market: a warning (online) - by Philip Santo, AVM Consultancy
13.35 Amsterdam risk-based approach - by Jaike Bijleveld and Stephen Bos, municipality of Amsterdam
13.55 National protocol translated into RAW - by Jacques Teunissen, CROW
14.10 Joining forces per m2 - by Peter van de Haar, Sieboldius partnership
14.25 Overview of available knowledge, protocols and tools - Chris van Dijk, Wageningen University & Research (WUR)
14.45 Break

14.55 Subgroups round 1
- Awareness: how to create awareness and extra budget?
- Integral approach: what belongs to an integral professional approach?
- Measures: which measures are most effective in which situation?

15.25 Exchange time
15.30 Subgroups round 2
16.00 Closing and drinks